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Name:David Hamilton

David grew up in California with his mother and his twin sister and sometimes his dad. They were a military family (his mom was a civilian contractor, his dad was a test pilot for the Air Force) so they did some traveling and David and Maggie went to nice schools and it was a pretty good childhood all things considered. So David is a pretty well adjusted kid who believes in the importance of being nice, sincere, and honest.

He's an artist. He sketches and paints, and plays a few instruments, and sings pretty well. He's not a bad writer (although that's not really his passion) and he's kind of a sci-fi nerd and he doesn't go anywhere without a sketchbook, some pencils, and a book to read. He's been in trouble with the cops a few times, mostly for minor stuff like vandalism (he is an enthusiastic graffiti artist) and drug misdemeanors (he got busted with weed) but he did his community service and it's all good.

Maggie is the driven one. She went to college and is kind of a brain and he loves the hell out of her. When she went to school, he moved to live near her. When she went to LA, he moved again. And when she decided that they should join the Jaeger program (against their father's wishes) he followed her all the way to Alaska.

father: [personal profile] col_dain
sister: [personal profile] drmaggs

mun contact: marchingjaybird (Skype)
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